Gardening Tools and Equipment – Must Haves

Gardening is an art which you need to learn, cultivate and enjoy. The reason why you are doing it is not so important. What is most important is that you like gardening and you enjoy nature, growth and life in this natural and primitive manner. Of course, nothing can be achieved without the help of tools and this is particularly true when it comes to gardening.

Tools for soil preparation

The first and most important part of any kind of gardening or cultivation is the soil. You need to know what kind of soil you have, whether it is alkaline or acidic, whether it is a sandy soil of a clay soil and how to balance it. You need to dig up the ground as the first step for preparation. A spade is like a big spoon normally made of iron and with a large wooden pole as a handle which generally used to dig the soil and to mix other ingredients into that soil like compost and fertilizers.

Spades come in different sizes and shapes and you can try and find one that suits your height and built. Forks are also good for digging; however they are used more for airing the soil and superficial digging.

You also have hand forks and hand trowels which are a must for every gardener. A trowel is useful to dig up unwanted weeds from garden beds and to maintain the top soil of any kind of plants. This is something you need to do more regularly when you are dealing with vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Tools for pruning and cutting

Pruners come in all sizes and shapes. One of the most common one in any gardeners tool box will be the secateurs which looks like a pair of scissors and a very handy tool you will need to do any kind of clear cutting. Some plants and trees need to be pruned on regular basis to encourage growth. Shears and loppers are utilized for more specific purposes, depending on the requirements.

A small hedge can easily be pruned and maintained with a shears and a larger wall may need a lopper or a saw. Cutting branches off trees may require a larger saw. You can find manual saws which resemble the carpentry saw but which are curved and thicker or you can opt for an electric saw as well.

Tools for the bonsai lovers

Bonsai plants need much more than just water and sunlight. The list of bonsai tools and equipment required to maintain these miniatures may be long and complex, and for a person venturing into this kind of hobby for the first time it may seem quite awesome. Some of the tools used for bonsai gardening include the trimming shears or pruning shears which will be utilized to keep the roots and branches of the plants trimmed regularly.

You will also need a pair of pliers to work with wire to give the plants the desired shape. Wire is also required and you need to know which kind of wire will be the best for this kind of work. Some people like to use copper wire as the aluminum wire may not be available in copper color.

As you grow used to what is needed in a garden, you will find more and more tools which will be useful to allow the garden to grow healthy and beautifully. You can find rustic handmade tools in antique shops which are still used these days, and you can also find the latest technology of electric wireless tools, however, the choice is very much yours.

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